The Vizion Partnership

Welcome to the Vizion Partnership

John Sims introduces The Vizion Partnership

Vizion offers a well run, regulated platform for insurance entrepreneurs who want to have their own businesses.

Our Model

We provide a unique, market leading business solution for entrepreneurial individuals and teams who want to create their own businesses but who would struggle due to the cost and complexity of the highly regulated market we work in today.

A Service That Suits You

Vizion gives you the choice as to how much of your time you want to spend with your clients and on new business and how much back office work you wish to do. Whichever you choose our back office is flexible and efficient and will be there to support you.

Regulation and IT

Vizion provides a readymade business solution on our Acturis platform that incorporates FCA compliant processes and documentation which allows you to focus on your clients rather than having to battle with the lengthy, expensive and time consuming tasks of joining and complying with the FCA, defining documents and processes and choosing and setting up your own technology.

Joint Ownership

Key to the Vizion model is that you share in the capital value you create. You can have the choice of joining one of our exclusive Vizion LLPs as a partner or having your own vehicle. Whichever you choose we will be there to support you every step of the way. We believe this is the most efficient way for any individual or team to build their own business in these complex and regulated times.

A Fun Place to Work

We have all worked in big companies and know that at times the politics can get in the way and it’s just not a nice or healthy place to be. We have created a culture based on people enjoying working hard together but having fun along the way.

Creating Value

When you sign up to the Vizion Partnership we will agree terms with you up front for when the time comes that you wish to retire, leave with or without your clients or sell your business. We will also agree how the income and costs relating to your clients are shared enabling you to be master(s) of your own destiny building your income and capital value.

Marketing the X Factor

We offer our partners Marketing support to help them grow their business. It goes without saying that having Jeremy Guscott as a working Director will be of great help. All of the Directors of Vizion Insurance Brokers will lend a hand wherever they can to help you meet your goals. We have a common interest in enabling you to be master(s) of your own destiny, building income and capital value.

Our Ethos

Service, service, service – we want to be known throughout the market for providing spectacular service and constantly exceeding expectations. Pressure on profit margins for many brokers means cut backs and deteriorating levels of customer service.

Our Brand

We want Vizion to be the brand that people aspire to be associated with. That is why we will protect it in every way we can but most importantly by only working with the very best people. Where possible we will look to have our own branded products.

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