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John Sims introduces Vizion Private Clients

Vizion Private Clients is a highly customer focused broker dealing with Private Client general insurance.

A Broker You Can Trust

Vizion is not just an insurance broker, it is a 24/7 Personal Insurance Concierge service for clients who demand the highest standards. It’s also your trusted partner who will be there to help you every step of the way.

A Personal Experience

Unlike some brokers we will always be there for you when you need us. Each person’s requirements are different so when you join us if it is convenient for you we will visit you to get a full understanding of your requirements and so you can get to know us.

Service Excellence

Service excellence is at the heart of everything we do; exceptional service from exceptionally talented people and tailor made solutions crafted to cater for your specific needs.

Custom Choices

You chose the level of service that you want and only pay for what you use. In some cases we will work for a pre-agreed fee rather than commission.

An Effortless Relationship

We will be your trusted partner and advisor and ensure that the whole process from start to finish is as hassle free as possible.

A Unique Approach

We have exceptional experience and expertise in this market sector and we put that to good use to ensure you get the very best solution.

Financial Security

Vizion clients know that going for the cheapest option is a false economy. In any walk of life you only get what you pay for. Our clients pay an appropriate and competitive price for an insurance policy from a financially sound insurer that will respond properly in the event of a claim.

Rewards for Discerning Clients

Clients who take the trouble to properly protect their homes and assets and treat their insurance policy as a last resort can be rewarded with more competitive pricing and better cover

A Team of Devoted Professionals

You no doubt have a trusted accountant and lawyer but more often than not the personal relationship with the insurance broker isn’t so strong. We aim to change that and to become your trusted insurance broker responsible for protecting all of your assets in the UK and around the world.

Value for Money

We aim to provide the best value for money combination of advice, level of cover and service.

Commercial and Property Investments

Many clients now manage their investment portfolios to include ownership of commercial or private property. Vizion offers tailor made commercial and property insurance solutions to cater for these exposures.

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